NASA Logo redesigned

A class activity that challenged us to re-imagine the NASA logo. For this, we needed to write a Creative Brief, as well as making the logo itself.


In 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred, resulting in a tragedy during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Right now, projects such as the Vision for Space Exploration (2004), which was replaced by the U.S. National Space Policy of the Barrack Obama administration (2010), is in progress to help regain public enthusiasm for space exploration.

As NASA aims to pioneer the future in space exploration, the logo does not reflect a forward thinking agency, but one that rekindles on past accomplishments. The agency needs a logo that stays true to their mission statement, “To improve life here, to extend life there, to find life beyond.” while keeping in mind that they are the leaders in space exploration.

With the fast development of technology and innovations everywhere, people now embrace the forward thinkers, especially if it involves making a good change both to individuals and to society.

The logo should reflect on one idea: “Beyond Boundaries”. Since NASA spearheads on discovery and innovation to better our quality of life, and discover the unknown.