The Challenge

For an e-commerce company that prides itself as “the world’s largest online marketplace”, I collaborated with other designers to redesign the company's landing page for logged in users. The main goal is to create an experience that caters to various types of users — guide and encourage new users from being consumers to being sellers themselves, all while empowering seasoned sellers with the selling efficiency they have accustomed to with the previous interface.

Idea + Methodology

The main idea is to create smart tiled interface that changes to whichever type of user is logged in. Performing a one-week design sprint with other designers, researchers, stake holders, project managers, and developers, the team has come up with a minimum viable design that everyone can stand behind on.

Results + Implementation

The final product is an intuitive, action-based, adaptable tiles that changes based on the immediate needs selling through the platform. This made understanding the selling process more streamlined, thus, making the selling process less intimidating, all while providing efficiency and some familiarity to more seasoned sellers / business owners. Because of this, the users’ needs were met, all while keeping stake holders be a part in the design process.

High resolution image can be seen here.

MyStore_Full page.png